Not much work done today on account of a lot of I have to focus on working on my day job. As much as I’d like to work on The Star-Gazers Inn full-time, at this point in time, it’s quite impossible. But then again, that’s why I went for freelance, so that I’d have more time to work on it. So thankfully, I still do have time to put aside for this project, and hopefully I can still finish the script by my self-appointed deadline on the 15th.

Progress Report

The Star-Gazers Inn Episode 1 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on: Episode 1 Script

  • Backstory: 100%
  • Episode Outline: 100% (3rd draft)
  • Pages Written: 18/60
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/60
  • Pages Sketched: 0/60
  • Pages Inked: 0/60

180 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on
: Character Development

  • Outline: 100%
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/180
  • Pages Sketched:: 0/180
  • Pages Inked: 0/180
  • Pages Colored: 0/180

The Hawkers Project (A.K.A. The Webcomic Creator’s Journey)
Currently Working on
: N/A

  • Outline: 1st Draft 100%
  • Pages Written: 0