What is it I do for a living?

I used to work as a content creator for an Australian website whose sole purpose was to get the word out on the different events that are happening around the country. That involved our team having to go through the websites of all these different businesses, and catalog their upcoming events into this website.

Yeah, it was a bit robotic, but hey, that’s outsourcing for you.

Another job I worked at was writing book abstracts and chapter abstracts for University publications (among them some known universities in Chicago, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and London). This was less robotic, but more hectic since the common practice to create abstracts without reading the whole chapter. They wanted us to get a basic understanding of the contents of the chapter and then write an abstract about it.

Crazy, right?

I didn’t last long because I felt that writing 300 word abstracts of wordy, technical, and philosophical topics, for the price of a little more than a dollar was crazy. Sure, there were some in the team that were very willing to do that (and they wrote a lot, mind you). But the amount of work you put your brain through for that much money didn’t seem very reasonable to me.

And so I left.

Now I’m working on managing the social media marketing of a fairly young gelato brand that operates here in the Philippines. I got the job through a recommendation from my brother, and so far I feel that it’s doing me a lot of good by giving me the time and the space to work on the things that I really want to work on: this webcomic and blog.

The featured image above is a picture I took myself (though I don’t fancy myself a photographer). Hope it makes your mouth water, hehehe!

Going back to the progress with the comic, I did more work on the blueprints, and maybe by the end of the week, I’ll be able to show them to you.

I had a meeting with my employer today, and had to run a couple of errands, and so it was hard for me to insert any work into the rest of my hours, especially since I don’t have a nanny for my kid, and I have to be the one to take care of him while his mom isn’t home yet.

So yeah, I’m still working on the blueprints, but by now I’m beginning to doubt whether I’ll be able to finish by my self-appointed deadline (on the 15th). Maybe I’ll still finish the script a day or two after it.

Progress Report

The Star-Gazers Inn Episode 1 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on: Episode 1 Script

  • Backstory: 100%
  • Episode Outline: 100% (3rd draft)
  • Pages Written: 18/60
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/60
  • Pages Sketched: 0/60
  • Pages Inked: 0/60

180 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on
: Character Development

  • Outline: 100%
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/180
  • Pages Sketched:: 0/180
  • Pages Inked: 0/180
  • Pages Colored: 0/180

The Hawkers Project (A.K.A. The Webcomic Creator’s Journey)
Currently Working on
: N/A

  • Outline: 1st Draft 100%
  • Pages Written: 0