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Thought I forgot all about you, didn’t I?

So posting an entry every single day seemed a bit difficult, especially since these are more journal entries than informative blog posts. I figure that I update you guys as often as I can (whether that means every day, or once or twice a week).

Besides, it’s not like you look forward to a daily update of our webcomic’s progress. Weekly, if not twice every week, should suffice.

So what’s been happening, you ask?

Well, I’ve got a lot of writing done in the past few days. Although I’ve missed my September 15 deadline for the 1st draft of The Star-Gazers Inn, I hope that that delay won’t be no longer than the end of this week.

In fact, I’ve written a whole lot of pages since my last update, making me pretty confident that I will be able to finish a first draft. Then I’ll hand over that draft to Pat so that he can start thumbnailing while I continue polishing the script some more.

That way, we hit two birds with one stone, and he doesn’t have to wait for the go signal to start working on the concept art for the comic.

So here’s a progress report on how much I’ve been able to do for the past few days, and here’s to finishing by the end of the week! Hurrah!

Progress Report

The Star-Gazers Inn Episode 1 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on: Episode 1 Script

  • Backstory: 100%
  • Episode Outline: 100% (4th draft)
  • Pages Written: 34/60
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/60
  • Pages Sketched: 0/60
  • Pages Inked: 0/60

180 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on
: Character Development

  • Outline: 100%
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/180
  • Pages Sketched:: 0/180
  • Pages Inked: 0/180
  • Pages Colored: 0/180

The Hawkers Project (A.K.A. The Webcomic Creator’s Journey)
Currently Working on
: N/A

  • Outline: 1st Draft 100%
  • Pages Written: 0