Filipino Comics Review: Drop Dead Dangerous

Filipino Comics Review: Drop Dead Dangerous

If you’re into cowboys and westerns, or hard-boiled detectives, there aren’t exactly a lot of stories that combine those particular genres, especially in Filipino comics. In their own little way, that’s what Chad Cabrera and Mike Banting sought out to accomplish. In what tends to sometimes be a strange brew of both, Drop Dead Dangerous […]

Filipino Comics Review: Bruho Barbero

Rommel Estanislao’s Bruho Barbero is said to contain a lot of trivia and references hidden beneath its panels and images. Personally, I have no idea what these were, and perhaps Rommel himself can help point out to me what these are. What I can guarantee, however, is that Bruho Barbero is one of the more […]

Filipino Comics Review: Manila Accounts 1081 no.1

I have a confession. Because Filipino and Philippine History weren’t exactly my strong subjects during my elementary and high school education (even, to an extent, college education), I sort of have some prejudice against stories that are too seriously focused on the country’s history. Don’t get me wrong, though. At present, I somehow wish I’d […]

Filipino Comics Review: Lipad

Lipad by Rommel Estanislao is one of the comics wherein I have no idea if I should love it or hate it—though I suppose that in one way or another, this is the effect it has with most people. As a metaphor, it works great, and it’s very clear about what it wants to say. […]

Filipino Comics Review: Servant #1

Going down the road of 3D comics is something I’d yet seen done until I got a glimpse of what “Servant” had to offer. Finished by creators Geoffrey Borgonia and Gilbert Monsanto, Servant narrates the tale of Gabriel Barreon, the son of old pagan gods that were killed off in attempt to raid and take […]