What if your neighbor was half-E.T.?

What if your best friend was a part alien?

What if your parents told you that YOU TOO have some alien blood in you?

Several old Philippine myths tell of a Star Maiden that came to Earth and was captured by a sugar cane farmer. Some versions say she escaped with her children, some say they lived happily ever after.

But what if these "Stars" suddenly returned to Earth? Stranger still... What if they'd never left?

The truth is about to be uncovered when these Stars one day descend from the heavens, in search of a safe haven after the destruction of their planet. They are taken in by humans in exchange for two things: information and technology.

However, as the alien population on Earth increases, and intermarriages between races increase,  the fear of a foreboding invasion consumes the entire human race. The Migare are herded into separate communities and neighborhoods. They are labeled. They are oppressed. And they are NOT happy about it.

"We are just as much human as any of you," they argue. "And you are more alien than you think."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is I'm a Legal Alien about?
It’s a science fiction drama and adventure tale whose main theme centers on exploring what it means to be Filipino—especially for those Filipinos that find themselves living and working abroad just so that they can support their family. More importantly, it explores the larger question of what determines and molds one’s cultural and national identity.

What’s it like compared to other comics, films, novels, or stories?
I honestly don’t know… What I can say is that I'm a Legal Alien draws inspiration from different versions of an old Filipino Myth (“The Star Wife”, and “The Star Maiden”), and twists these myths around by applying a more sci-fi reading of them. It was Arthur C. Clarke, after all, that said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

We also take a closer look at the diasporic and neo-colonialist elements in that myth, asking the question, “Were Filipinos always this fascinated with foreigners and their culture, so much so that a farmer would be willing enough to kidnap a maiden from the stars just to make him his wife?”

Okay! But seriously, what can I compare it to?
Well, alright... My guess is that if you like films like Schindler's ListPrince of Egypt, or District 9, we're trying to emulate the tension and themes of those films while at the same time we're trying to set our stories in a very neighborly and suburban location. That said, if you enjoyed watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Super 8, then expect our stories to carry those same tones.

How often are new pages uploaded?
Sadly, not as often as we’d like. For now, we’ll only be posting once a week, every Wednesday. If you want that frequency of pages to go up, then scroll down to find out how you can help.

What format does the series follow?
It’s a webcomic series divided up into several volumes (or what we’d prefer to call episodes). It follows your regular TV show format wherein every volume or episode consists of one complete, stand-alone story.

How many episodes are you planning on making?
For now, we’re set on around 7-10 episodes. That means we’ll be releasing 7-10 books.

Are you guys going to be writing and drawing all of the episodes?
That depends. Of course, the writing is completely us. But maybe down the road, we might want to focus on other projects and books, hence we might look for a different artist to draw the latter books.

Are you planning on coloring the comic?
We could, if we had someone amazing to color it. Although the comic looks good in black and white as well, doesn’t it? It all depends on you, really. Let us know which you prefer.

How can I help?
We can give you a few simple ways with which you can help us at this stage of our webcomic series:

  1. Support us with a month allowance through Patreon (just like the lords and ladies of old) and receive a TON of stuff in return for your generosity.
  2. Show your friends how much you love our work by sharing it online whenever you can.
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