A Creator’s Journey: Year 3, Month 2, Day 9
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So It’s been about a week since my last post. Just to let you guys in on what’s been happening…

I’ve finished my 2nd draft, taking into account all the comments from my test readers. I have to say that it turned out much, much better in the end. The trusted friends that read it seemed to like it more than the 1st draft, and that’s a good thing.

So now, I handed it over to Pat, who has already started working on the thumbnails for the comic’s pages. So far, he’s thumbnails accomplished for 8 pages, and has drawn models for all the important characters in the book. I’ll post them one a time next week so you can get a quick look.

Don’t expect high-res images, though. Mostly we just want to give you guys an idea of what the comic will look like. Hopefully we can get some comments and feedback on our work. I’m thinking of posting the art on a couple of Facebook groups and forums just so that it gains a little bit of  buzz.

I, on the other hand, have decided to start working on outlining the rest of the Star-Gazers Inn episodes. So far, I figure we’ll do 9 books, each about the same length as the first one-which, in comic book pages, would probably amount to about 100 pages (just as long as your regular TPB or graphic novel).

With Pat only able to do about 2 pages a week, we’re estimating our end date for Episode 1 to be sometime in November of next year.

However, we’re thinking of posting up pages by January (1 page a week). Why post 1 page when we’re doing 2 pages a week? The reason is simple: we want to build up a bank of reserve pages for those times when life gets too tough or busy, at least we’ll still have some pages ready to post. This will help our posting schedule be more consistent. Plus, it’s part of our business plan in figuring out how exactly to monetize this thing.


In other news, I recently joined Jeff Goins’s blogging challenge, called Intentional Blogging. Here, he created a private Facebook group that anyone could join (new blogger, or veteran), and it helping all of us out when it comes to working on our blogs.

So far, I’ve seen a lot of blogs that look interesting, and a lot of topics that are intriguing. Am really looking forward to this challenge helping us with our own blog. It’s always good to network and communicate with other bloggers, especially those that are just starting out like we are (well, in a way we are).

The challenge is proving to be very useful and resourceful so far, and it’s definitely going to get me to blog even more. So cheers to Jeff Goins for initiating it!

Progress Report

The Star-Gazers Inn Episode 1 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on: Thumbnails

  • Backstory: 100%
  • Episode Outline: 100%
  • Pages Written: 73/73
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 8/73
  • Pages Sketched: 0/73
  • Pages Inked: 0/73

The Star-Gazers Inn Episodes 2 and beyond
Currently Working on: 

  • Episode 2 Outline: 1st draft
  • Episode 3 Outline: -
  • Episode 4 Outline: -
  • Episode 5 Outline: -
  • Episode 6 Outline: -
  • Episode 7 Outline: -
  • Episode 8 Outline: -
  • Episode 9 Outline: -

180 (1st Draft)
Currently Working on
: Character Development

  • Outline: 100%
  • Pages Thumbnailed: 0/180
  • Pages Sketched:: 0/180
  • Pages Inked: 0/180
  • Pages Colored: 0/180

The Hawkers Project (A.K.A. The Webcomic Creator’s Journey)
Currently Working on
: N/A

  • Outline: 1st Draft 100%
  • Pages Written: 0

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