Art May Tell a Story, but Art is Not Equal to Story

Photo Credit: mickhagen via Compfight cc (Average Reading Time: 6 mins) An “artist” is something we like to call ourselves. There are a lot of different kinds of artists, both in terms of medium, and in terms of philosophy. Some critics prefer to study creators that are well-versed in the Fine Arts and/or in Literary Theory. […]

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A Little-Known Secret to Telling Better Stories

Photo Credit: Samantha via Compfight cc (Average Reading Time: 7 mins) You want to tell a good story, but you don’t exactly know how to do that. You watch all your favorite shows, all your favorite films, and you wonder just how these guys are able to do it. They make it looks so easy. […]

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The First Step to Writing Better Stories

Photo Credit: jeff.g.moore via Compfight cc (Average Reading Time: 5 mins) If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if it’s really possible to write a story that the masses will love. After all, the biggest achievement that we artists would like to accomplish is to have millions of followers and readers, isn’t it? The direct […]

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