Filipino Comics Review: Bruho Barbero

Rommel Estanislao’s Bruho Barbero is said to contain a lot of trivia and references hidden beneath its panels and images. Personally, I have no idea what these were, and perhaps […]

Filipino Comics Review: Manila Accounts 1081 no.1

I have a confession. Because Filipino and Philippine History weren’t exactly my strong subjects during my elementary and high school education (even, to an extent, college education), I sort of […]

Filipino Comics Review: Lipad

Lipad by Rommel Estanislao is one of the comics wherein I have no idea if I should love it or hate it—though I suppose that in one way or another, […]

Filipino Comics Review: Servant #1

Going down the road of 3D comics is something I’d yet seen done until I got a glimpse of what “Servant” had to offer. Finished by creators Geoffrey Borgonia and […]

Filipino Comics Review: MythSpace: Lift Off

The moment I learned that Paolo Chikiamco was writing stories that explore the idea that mytholigical creatures were neither monsters nor supernatural beings but actually aliens, I knew I had to […]