Every creator needs tools. We simply conjure up something out of nothing.

Tools can help further our craft and make us more efficient. That doesn’t mean we should rely completely on our tools, however. The measure of true creativity, after all, is not just the mastery of the tools he or she uses, but also the creation of better tools.

We have to be ever-evolving, ever-growing.

Innovation is what made the greatest artists live forever. The discovery of new methods and perspectives is the ultimate achievement.

What kind of tools can you expect to gain from us?

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to craft our art and sell them. So our own toolbox is composed of the following:

  1. Books that help us draw and write better comic books.
  2. Books that help inspire us and motivate us to chase our dreams.
  3. Materials and software that make us more efficient as creators.
Featured Image Credit: Augusto Mia Battaglia photography via Compfight cc