How many times today have you heard yourself say today…

You can’t make money self-publishing comics

You need huge capital in order to start making your own comic.

There’s just not enough time within the day to do it.

Why bother? You’re bound to fail anyway.

I’ve already tried everything. The world just doesn’t work that way.

It’s just not possible.

The way we see it, our reality is nothing but a reflection of our worldview. If we believe that something can’t be done, we won’t put in the effort to make it work, thus further confirming our perceptions of what’s possible and what’s impossible.

It takes a great deal of faith to believe in something that most people see as a lost cause. Faith and perseverance. How long, after all, did it take Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb? How many of his friends and family dissuaded him from continuing his work because they saw that after thousands of experiments, he wasn’t getting anywhere? What did Edison do about it?
He pressed on.

We believe there are people out there right now that are earning from their own self-published webcomics. Hence, we believe it’s definitely possible. The question we want to ask now is, how do we upscale that?

How do you go from selling a handful of copies of your comic, to selling hundreds of copies, to selling millions of copies?

That’s what the Hawkers Project is all about.

Now we’re here to share with you all that we’re able to figure out. We’ll try and lead the way so that when you finally decide that it really is possible, you can follow our lead and not have to go through the trouble of figuring things out for yourself.

So what can you expect to learn from our site?

  1. How do I turn my comic into a viable business where I can earn a decent living?
  2. How can I use my comic as a portfolio for freelance projects?
  3. What tools can I use to help me earn?
  4. How do I market my comic book so that it gets the attention it deserves?

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll try and give you as much help as you need to get started and hopefully prosper.

Featured Image Credit: jDevaun via Compfight cc