So I would just like to talk about our webcomic “Banyaga.” In case you didn’t know the art you see is not the original style of art that I started with. It’s actually funny because we were already done with our first chapter and were just about to start with the next. When suddenly out of the blue I said “My art sucks, this isn’t me.”

I wanted to redo the whole 1st chapter. After deciding that, my brother also decided to rewrite the whole 1st chapter. This is how this new Banyaga chapter 1 was born. I tried to find my own art style. At first, I was having trouble because I wanted my art to look like that “mainstream” kind of comic art. I wanted it to move towards that more realistic kind of style.

I realized that it wasn’t me. I wasn’t happy with it. I was getting frustrated with my art for all the wrong reasons. After a few months, I finally had something I could work on. It’s not fully polished yet. It would still definitely take many more years for it to actually define me…i think. Now I am getting frustrated with my art for all the right reasons. I am much more happy with the direction that I am going. weeeee! :)

I am almost done with chapter 1. Still got to do the four last pages. The sad thing is I will be redoing 5 pages in this current chapter 1. I’m not satisfied with how some of them came out…so is my brother…hehehe. There will also be a few writing changes. Our lettering will also be fixed. We realized that there is a lot that we are doing wrong with the lettering. Overall we will be completely done with chapter 1 by the end of 2012. WOOOOHOOOO! Milestone!
On the left of the photo is a page and the cover of the old style while on the right are the current pages. What do you think about the art? Did it change for the better? I hope you feel the same way I do. hehehe…

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