Why Leon Is One of THE Best Examples of How to Avoid Cliche Characters

When you were creating and conceptualizing your characters, did you ever get that feeling that you’ve seen them somewhere before? You know… that feeling that they aren’t very original, or that they’re just copies of your favorite character? Or maybe, you can’t help but shake the feeling that all of your characters sounds the same, […]

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Six Basic Questions to a Better Story

Coming up with ideas for a story can be hard. AND IT REALLY IS. But there are a few very simple steps that you can take to nurture that initial burst of inspiration, and have the cogs in your head start turning. The first thing you have to consider, is that every story has several […]

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How Do You Come Up with Good Ideas for a Story?

Now this a question we all wrestle with, isn’t it? How does anyone come up with good story ideas? Seth Godin suggests that the secret to coming up with a good idea is to put a lot of bad ideas to the test. Somehow, I can’t help but agree. Why? Because no one is ever […]

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Do I HAVE to Outline My Story?

No. You don’t have to do anything you think you shouldn’t do. But it wouldn’t hurt to try. I Didn’t Like Outlining Either Once upon a time, I too was a pantser (or someone who writes on the seat of their pants). I had no plan. I didn’t even have any clue as to how I could […]

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